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True Love
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - Permalink - 0 Comments
True love is not about possession. It is about appreciation. 
For example, when we saw a beautiful flower, we would want to pick it up but if we love it we would just let it be there so that it can grow healthier. 

It is same as love, when we love a person we want them to be happy although we are not the one that make them happy. 

When you love someone , he was like everything to you.You would want to make him happy , make him smile from ears to ears. When you're down, just by looking at him would make you boosted up.

You don't really care whether he loves you too or not . That's not the thing. Having him noticed that you're in love with him is almost the best thing ever. What you want is to do everything for him. His smile will melt your heart, making your heart skip a beat. 

True love, 
 you would cry for him because of pain. Sometimes it's because of happiness but no matter what happen, you would never stop loving him. Love hurts, but it's one of the most beautiful feeling Allah ever give in our heart.

Created by : NikNadiaSyamimi
#BrokenEnglish #Loving someone who don't love us is too hurt . 


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